Thursday, June 18, 2009

You'll Never Know... unless you sign up for my Mailing List! =P

I suppose it's about that time again, Blog entry time!
I'm writing less now because 1) I never finish what I start (which is why my music is a miracle), and 2) I bought a Journal, a REAL one for myself. To write more, personal, stuff. 
I mean, for some things I have to draw the line of posting it for anyone to see. 

Sorry ;)

So, today me and my dad finished recording the vocals for this new song I'm working on called You'll Never Know. I'm REALLY excited about it. It's the first song ever that I have produced fully myself using Garageband and actually done something with. Like taking it to my dad and having him mix it and then singing the lead and harmony vocals, and VIOLA! Creating a kick ass song! =D I can't wait for it to be done. My dad's just downstairs now finishing the mix, and then maybe in a couple of days I can post it up on my website, that'll get people to visit it hopefully, haha. ;) OH! Maybe I'll bribe people with it to get them to sign up for my e-mail list.


10 minutes later..

C= !!!!! =D =D =D x a trillion!!!!

So, my dad called me downstairs to listen to the final mix, and HOLY CRAP IT'S FRIGGEN AMAZING!!!!! =D =D

I am dazzled, i am SOOO excited for you guys to here it! I'm ELATED!

& those of you who ARE on my e-mail list will be the first to hear it,
so now's a good time to sign up! :D:D:D:D:D


- an extremely happy Karly. =D