Friday, November 20, 2009

Spurt of Extreme Busyness

Well! The spurt of extreme busyness is now over. It ended with a bang I think. :-) At the 10:00 showing of New Moon (The Twilight Sequel). Which was really good! :) And I'm glad it was good because we waited for grand total of FIVE HOURS in line. ._.

NOTE: It was raining almost the entire time and VERY cold.
& that's my umbrella tie in front of my face. :P

Me & Heather, who got me into Twilight in the 1st place! :)
NOTE: This was right before the big unveiling, we were SUPER EXCITED.

I know. You could call us freaks, and maybe that's what we are for doing that, but it actually wasn't so bad. Although, I did get out of waiting for a good hour and a half for a gig I had already agreed to doing. My friend Eryn Sharpe (who is an amazing singer) asked if I wanted to play at her school's fundraiser, and of course I said yes. It was a lot of fun. :] The response that night was REALLY good. People were so nice there! And their school is too.. lol, compared to my high school. =P

I didn't get home that night till about 1:00 AM, so needless to say I was BEAT. And I was not looking forward to getting up early the next morning to write a math test. SO I stayed home. The reason for me doing that would obviously be to sleep in because of loss of sleep, BUT that wasn't exactly the case. Luckily for me, I wasn't aloud to sleep in because it just happened to be the day when we were getting our furnace fixed. ._.

You know how loud getting your furnace fixed is?

IT'S LOUD. >-<

So, I've been kind of in a daze all day. Just kind of going through the motions.. on autopilot, or zombie mode. lol

The night before yesterday was the Kelly Clarkson concert, and that was awesome too! I went with my mum and my friend Carley, and really, she is such a good singer. My favorite song she performed was a cover she did called "Lies." It was a blues song, and it was a perfect choice for her voice. [That rhymed] She's also very down to earth, really natural and sweet on stage, and that was great to see. =)

Me and Carley, before she came on.

Her stage set up was really good. Lights were awesome.

Car, me and my mum after the show!

As for the day that started this whole fun, busy streak: My 16th Birthday! It was great. :] In the morning I slept in and went out for breakfast with my brother and my mum. Which was extra delicious I might add! ^-^

As you can see, I got extra EXTRA whipped cream on my pancakes. TEEHEE =D

After I got back from my half day of school we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant (Little Thai Place), my mum made me a cupcake cake (Which was the cutest and the yummiest!) and I got great gifts from everyone. =) Like my mum got this big wooden letter K and got everyone to sign it. :] I love it. <3


So that sums up the events of the past three days. Thought I should catch up on my blogging in one giant post. :-)

After I post this entry I'm gonna type up my first set of lyrics for my 2nd blog I've created. It's specifically made just for my lyrics. I thought it would be a good idea to have them all in one place. If you want to check it out it's :)

And that's all for now folks!
I'm hoping to get a lot of things done this weekend, so I probably won't blog then either. But stay posted, I'll never stop blogging. :]

Signing off,

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