Monday, November 16, 2009

Last entry as a 15 year old. =P

Hey everyone!

Feels like it's been ages since I wrote last. And figuratively speaking it almost would have been if I hadn't taken the time to write up an entry today. Why? Because you see..

Tomorrow is my birthday! =o :D

Hooray! ^-^

It's most exciting to be turning 16. I had my birthday party this past Saturday, which was a hoot. =P lol Didn't get any pictures though, that's the only thing I'm disappointed about. =[ I mean, I did get some video's, which is good, but I totally blanked and skipped over the whole "gather around the cake kids and capture a memory" part. I mean, just that one, because I get that every year. And now there's a big blank hole in the place of where my 16th Birthday party picture should be.



It's just a little sad.

But hey! Tomorrow's my REAL birthday, and I'm gonna make it a point to take pictures. :) I mean, my friend Heather got me a photo album, I need something to start it off!'

Today was a rather good day, even though that's very contradicting to the way it started off. I was not happy this morning. It was darker than usual- which didn't help how tired I was, my throat was soar, and I was really detesting even going to school. It was one of those days when the alarm clock goes off and you just lye there for 10 minutes thinking of how amazing and easy it would be to just not get up and not go. Maybe one day, I'll actually do that.

But the reason I didn't today was because it's my birthday tomorrow, and it sounded like the perfect day to do whatever I want. I've been considering sleeping in, skipping the first two blocks, and possibly only showing up for lunch with my friends and Drama. Wouldn't that be GRAND?! ^-^

Answer: Yes, yes it would.

But there is a math quiz I'll be missing.. I guess I can make it up later..


Well, we'll see..

This week's gonna be crazy, hectic and AWESOME.

Tuesday- My 16th Birthday!
Wednesday- Invisalign app., Choir Rehearsal, Kelly Clarkson Concert
Thursday- Performance at a School dance, and then to end it all..



Don't judge me.

;) =P

So, if you didn't catch that already, I am STOKED for the events that are about to unfold. It's gonna be EPIC. =D

I'll blog about it. :-)
And take pictures! I won't forget ever again! ;)

Type you when I type you,


Oh! I did happen to get this one picture of my birthday cake :) ..

It's the best birthday cake to date I'd say. =) I love it, thanks mom. <3>
Signing off for real this time,


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