Sunday, November 29, 2009

"I feel like I'm loosing my way."


"hi ._."

"How have you been lately?"

"... uhh, do you want me to be honest?"


".. kind of depressed.."

"=o Why?"

"Do you want me to be honest, again?"

"Yes!! =["

"..*sigh*.. because I lost my best friend and something that usually makes me feel better isn't making me feel better anymore."

"Oh. :("

"I feel like I'm loosing my way."

"O_O ='("

"I'm sorry, I didn't have to drag you into this."


"Hello? ._."


--Your probably wondering what on earth that was. Well, it was just my more creative way of informing you how I'm doing right now. But really, it was just me venting. I mean, I should be able to have some fun with my depression.. Yes, I'm admitting it. I'm pretty depressed. I think I have been for a few months now.. on and off possibly. Things that I used to love to do, even thrive on doing, don't seem to have that same effect on me anymore. Like I said before, it feels like I'm loosing my way.

._. And obviously, this is not a good thing.

So, the question is.. can it be fixed? ..Can I be fixed?

I'm not expecting on living my entire life like this.. It's starting to really get in the way with important things...

I can't cope with it anymore.
Something must be done.

..And I know that it's up to me to do it.


1 comment:

Vaarun said...

wow..same here..but wts getting me down is that i ve changed city again! :(
thats a pain..coz now i ve no company! lol..thats kinda lonely..
its been 7 mnths now...but hopefully i ll make some gud friends! :D :D
i am the shy it takes some time! heh..