Monday, November 2, 2009

Just forget the world

If I lay here,

If I just lay here,

Would you lie with me and
just forget the world?


Emily Wiebe ♥ said...

Heeey Karly ,
It's Emily Wiebe here.
I'm getting ready to send another letter to you . :) I just have to find a stamp. I'm really enjoying your CD . :D It's ah-mazing !! I just started following you on twitter, and started reading your blogs. I don't have facebook , but I'm trying to get it soon enough. I hope you have a wonderful day. :)
lots of love,
~ Emilly ♥

Karly Summers said...

Hey Emily! :)

Great to hear from you again!
I'm glad you like my CD. =) That would be awesome if you got Facebook, it's a great and easy way to stay connected. Twitter's fun too, I'm most definitely a "twit". =P

Looking forward to reading your letter!

Hope you have(or now I guess had) a wonderful day as well! :-)