Sunday, May 29, 2011

Follow Me

"Follow Me" is the first song where I've written different lyrics for each chorus. Also, I've found writing songs on the piano is helping my piano playing. And from piano class, I know that this song is in the key of F. :]

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Wear your heart on your sleeve

or you'll never know

what could be

Say what you wanna see

It's just a locked door

waiting for someone who has the key

Oh whoa

Don't be afraid

You can go your own way

Oh whoa

Finding the light

isn't as hard as it might

seem to be

Just follow me

See what is all around you

There's nothing wrong

with going slow

Don't take who you have for granted

It's easy to do

With one foot forward,

have the other one follow through


Step up to the plate

You can decide your own fate

Oh whoa

Getting it right

feels as good as it should

Like you and me

So take the lead

I don't want to miss out

I won't be the one to regret it

You see, when tomorrow comes

I won't be the one to forget it

Do you think we could finally get it?

Oh whoa

Oh whoa

Oh whoa I've waited so long

Choosing for you would be wrong


Do what you feel

If it doesn't seal the deal

I'll be okay

The truth I can trust

I still need someone to follow me

Follow me, follow me


Follow me

Be with me

Follow me


gugugaluh said...

nice :)

Todd said...

You are good. Your creativity never fails to impress. It's fun. It's poetic. It's imaginative. It is proof once again that you deserve a long career as a singer/musician/performer.