Friday, May 6, 2011

this is where you come in

I've been writing a lot lately. Apparently I have a lot to say.

Tonight- just now- I wrote these lyrics to what could possibly be my first dance song. Weird I know. But, I suppose any song can be turned into a dance song. What, with the right remix; with the right beat. Hah, that's what everyone says about top 40 songs they like. "I don't know, I just like the beat to it."


I try to find an easier way
I try to pick it up where I left
These days there's nothing but heartache
There's nothing left to protect

And I'm trying to find out where you've been
I've been walking the same old path
I'm nothing if not struggling
This is how the other half lives

I'm helpless
This is where you come in (repeated a bunch of times)

I have more, but not finished/good enough to publish.

More to come. I'll probably post more lyrics tomorrow. It's the weekend. I have no homework. I have lots of time. Hurrah. xD

Signing off, K

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