Sunday, February 13, 2011

Summing up the O'Siem BC Spirit Festival

Hey there!

I'M HAPPY! :) This weekend was the O'Siem BC Spirit Festival and it went SUPER well! I performed sets throughout Friday and Saturday, and one on the morning of the last day, which was today (Sunday).

My first dressing room (I felt special. And spoiled)

It was great! I felt really good about all of my performances and I got to meet some very cool new people throughout the process of the event. One of these "very cool new people" is a beautiful singer who I ended up jamming with (in my DRESSING ROOM, YEAHH) spontaneously after we were both finished performing for the day- or at least at the time we thought. We ended up having so much fun improving to one of my songs, "I Think I'm Ready," that we wanted to perform it on stage. Luckily, the head organizer (all of the entertainment's employer) John Selkirk is an awesomely understanding dude and let us go on on a whim!

Day #2 of the festival

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I've never done anything like it! Only once before have I performed music with someone on stage, and I've certainly never jammed with anyone and performed the product of that for an audience just a little while later- the whole experience was invigorating! And UH- harmonies are L O V E ! ! ^^

I guess this is how musicians get to working together. I've always wondered how songwriters co-write. I've never really related to what that would be like, since my songwriting is so personal. But after yesterday, working with another musically inclined friend, the idea doesn't seem so far away in my mind. I can definitely see working with some musicians in the not-so-distant future. A little harmonies.. some bass... maybe light percussion...

Cool beans :]

So, that was certainly a note-worthy part of the festival. Overall it was splendid! Nothing better than seeing friends, making new ones, experiencing new things (jamming and hot cross buns [there was a COBS Bread both :P]) and what I love doing most; playing my music.


Lovely, lovely, LOVELY!

Can't wait for my next gig- which is coming up shortly! This summer, I'm going to make up for last summer. And you can hold me to that.



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