Saturday, February 26, 2011

Enjoying the present moment & preparing for what's ahead


*I apologize for the following post, but what you must realize is the fact that I am a teenage girl*

Today, I went out shopping on a mission and came home, having successfully fulfilled that mission.

I purchased shoes. I purchased four pairs of shoes. I don't think I have ever done that- not in one shopping trip. It's the one part of my wardrobe I'm lacking in- well, not anymore!

Okay. I feel stupid. But, I did get the four pairs of shoes for a total of $60. Which is ridiculously good. Other shoes I saw were $60 EACH.

So, I am content. ^^

In other news of the day, it snowed. It's continuing to snow.

In other-other news, I'm happy. Right now, within the past couple of days, things have been happy. I have been partaking in happy things. I have more happy things to look forward to in the near future- one of those things being the SARAH MCLACHLAN CONCERT!! :D

I almost forgot about it actually. Then, it snuck up on my calendar. A pleasant surprise. :]

There are approx. four months of school left. Three, if you discount June- which doesn't really count. I guess there's really three and a half months of school left. It's crazy ._. But I think I'll choose to be excited instead of... I don't even know. Nervous, I guess.

It still is crazy though. The proper feelings won't fully settle in until it happens. Until I'm walking across the UVIC auditorium stage for my diploma, or until prom night when the last song plays...

Until it ends.


Well, my mum made cookies. Must go get some while they're fresh. Ahh, freshly baked cookies on a Saturday afternoon while snow gently settles on the ground outside.

Certainly a simple kind of bliss.

Signing off,


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