Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I. Can't. Wait. :)

I've been meaning to write a new blog post for the past... eighteen days, but I just couldn't find the right... story.

I mean, there are many things I could have wrote about, but I wanted to update my blog with something more... relevant. Something that you- my dedicated readers ^^- would enjoy.

Today, I think I have found it. :)

On a Wednesday like any other, a regular mid-week school day, I was going through the motions as normal. Seeing my friends at lunch, rehearsing for the up-coming (tomorrow night actually) Drama: Acting Showcase, and completing some exam prep worksheets for English- nothing out of the ordinary.

It wasn't until I got a text from my mum, confirming the radio interview that was scheduled for 3:30 on The Eagle (Comox radio station) with Ryan Mennie, that I got excited.

It wasn't simply the interview that got me so revved up, but rather the feelings it caused to resurface. Walking out of my school's library and skipping out of the last half-hour of English reminded me of the place I wanted to be so much more than there. I wanted to be working on my album, writing new songs, doing interviews and... performing again. :]

Talking on the phone with Ryan, discussing all the events yet to come in the near -and distant- future.. all the possibilities... only confirmed what I want most, and what my passion is.

It's my music.
It's meeting new people
It's traveling
It's producing
It's creating
It's sharing
It's expressing

And most of all, over everything, it's moving forward. It's constantly progressing and learning and experiencing new things- new... adventures. :)

This is what I always want to be doing. To me, it's what makes it all worth while; to be truly, and actively, living.

And I'll tell you one thing... I. Can't. Wait.


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Grant Mclachlan said...

Deep post Kerlile.