Friday, March 4, 2011

Reflecting (Sarah McLachlan concert, long weekend)


I haven't posted about seeing Sarah McLachlan yet, so here is that very post!

It was fantabulous. It was beautiful. It was meaningful and inspiring... It was wondrous! ^^

I'm now fully equipped with a new songbook (as seen above) and a bit more drive and reinforcement that music is what I want to do for a very, very, very long time.


It's Friday, 11:04 AM and I'm not in school. Thanks to a Pro-D Day we all have the day off. LONG WEEKEND, YESSSSS!

I have some things to do and some events to attend, so I'm very thankful for the extra day- and a half actually.

Hm. I don't really have much to say for myself right now. I could talk about how I've been in a weird... state.. for a little bit, but I'm sure that's boring. I'm just.. excited for what's to come.. I think. I'm weird and confused lately. Oh dear.

I'm gonna call it a day- according to my blog. Oh lord.

Good bye.

(Don't worry, I'm okay. I just can't seem to speak properly right now).



Scumbag Sam said...

Just stumbled upon your blog - love your voice. You're quite michelle branch like and you have a great tone! I'll be hanging around :)


Karly Summers said...

^_^ thank you stranger!
It makes me so happy that you thought of Michelle Branch. In fact, just moments ago I was reconnecting with my favorite album of hers, Hotel Paper. She's been a favorite of mine since I was 11.

Thanks for stopping by and for saying hello! (: