Thursday, March 3, 2011


You're a touchy subject
I used to know it all
Now I don't know where we stand

You used to fit inside my hand
Now you're leaking through my fingers
I grasp at every bit I can
Your pull on me still lingers

I want to hold on to everything.

sun run fun
sky high try
true you glue
see be free

I don't want the facts, I want you
I don't want the truth, I want you to lie to me

I would tell you why I try
But it's like falling without closing my eyes

I wish I could run from my thoughts
Cause sometimes they turn out to be too much
I'd run far away to a place they couldn't find
There I'd be safe from my mind

If I am lost
could you be found?
A gravel road
to solid ground

If love is blind,
how do we see
through puzzles and
uncharted territory?


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