Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good job Taylor Swift

Hey :)

I've been home from school (sick) for two days now, and this means quite a lot of time spent on the computer. (What else am I to do?)

So, I was doing all the regular things- creepin' facebook (^^), checking my e-mail, and random things too, like catching up on my DailyBooth account, when I found some link somewhere that brought me to Taylor Swift's website.

At first, I had the same feelings about it, and about her, but after watching some of her video blogs, I seemed to form a completely new opinion about it all.

Before, to be completely honest, I wasn't much of a fan. I did however, appreciate that she was a good role model and seemed to be a genuinely good person. Now, I see her, and especially everything she does, in a whole new light. She's not just out there being a musician, she's trying all sorts of new things, and nothing holds her back. Given, she is very lucky to be in her position, but she has worked really hard to be where she is now.

Bottom line of my realization: She's incredibly inspiring to me.

I may not love all of her songs (although I have bought a few), but the way she carries herself onstage, in front of the camera, etc.. is with a certain grace that I admire. Also, how much she understands what her fans have done for her (i.e. EVERYTHING), and sincerely thanks them nonstop with events like a 13 hour meet and greet blows my mind.

She is outrageously dedicated, and that more than anything has gotten her where she is.

I can learn a lot from her. Heck, I have already!

I'm actually looking forward to her new album "Speak Now," as I bought the "Mine" music video (it's adorable).


So, good job Taylor Swift. You've just earned yourself another fan.

Talk soon



Rosie! said...

Well that's a mighty big coincidence! Yesterday I follow a link that brought me to her website as well! I've never been a huge T.Swift fan, but after watching the videos in her video section and reading her bio, she's gained another fan! She's a very inspiring young lady. :)

abby | ybba said...

im not much of a fan of taylor swift either but she's definitely american's sweetheart.

btw, i like your blog ^___^

Karly Summers said...

That IS a coincidence Rosie! =o

I concur Abby.
Thanks :) I like your blog too. I'm now one of your followers!

Thanks for commenting guys! <3