Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer greetings- checking in.

Hey (:

I know it's been a while, but this summer has been going quite... unusual.

It's been quiet- if you have any idea what I mean by that. I mean... it doesn't exactly feel like summer- or at least, not like any summer I've experienced before.

Maybe it's just me. The one who's quiet and unusual.

It's a possibility.

One certain highlight (no matter how pathetic this might sound) was seeing Eclipse. :] I've already seen it twice- and if I get pressured into it enough- three times including tonight. =P

It was WONDERFUL! The best of the three movies in my opinion. I went to the triple feature midnight showing with my like-minded crazy, hardcore Twilight friends and like the time before, waited for five hours on the this time hot cement, playing cards and drinking lots of Starbucks. From that, I've acquired a new taste for coffee. I like it now. :]

This is both a good and bad thing. =P

Another good and bad thing is Victoria's latest weather patterns. It's finally hot out. This is good in the sense that we are free to go to the river and lake- it's now suitable for swimming. But what's bad is it's not so great for staying inside beside a hot working computer- recording for me, I mean. Perhaps I'll invest in a small air conditioner for my space, but during important recordings, it can't be on. It'll show up too obviously.


I think I will get me one of those though. Sounds like a sane investment.

I have some gigs coming up, if that's the kind of stuff you're interested in. I also have an interview for one of them. That one being the Organic Islands Festival, which I haven't been to for... two years now? I played once before- my first time busking- and also on the main stage, when I was fourteen. One of my first experiences performing most likely.

It should be fun. I am quite the hippy... or at least I've been told.

If you're interested in coming out to that (which is this Saturday), or any other events I'll be playing at, visit the news page on my website HERE.

Well, I better get to practicing and preparing my set list!

Talk to you soon (I PROMISE)


K <3

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